SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8

As a SUSE partner I am delighted to announce SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8.

Delivers expanded interoperability, scalability & flexibility

SUSE OpenStack Cloud is the open source private cloud solution of choice for enterprise business, providing the agility to deliver faster time to market and the innovation needed to quickly respond to today’s every-changing business-critical demands.

Released today, SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8 is based on the Pike OpenStack release, giving a host of new features for businesses including:

  • Bare Metal provisioning: Provides customers with the ability to quickly and easily provision bare metal servers. Ideal for applications like HPC, real-time systems, Big Data/Machine Learning, legacy applications, etc.
  • Distributed backup/restore DRaaS Platform: Avoid downtime and service interruption with the ability to automate the data backup and restore process
  • Expanded scalability to support large deployments: Providing the scalability enterprise customers need as they continue to expand their use of cloud
  • Dual lifecycle tool options – Crowbar & Cloud Lifecycle Manager (CLM): Giving customers flexible options for deploying and maintaining their OpenStack environment
  • Extended 3-year lifecycle support: Meet enterprise customers needs for longer maintenance and rollout timeframes
  • Support for NSX-V: Expanded interoperability for customers looking to leverage software-defined networking capabilities

SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8 stands out for the flexibility of deployment options, which help to reduce the complexity of operating OpenStack software.

Few competitors are able to match the breadth of hardware certification and hypervisor support that SUSE OpenStack Cloud offers, giving your customers more choice in how they deploy their software-defined infrastructure.”

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