Update 13/04/2018

So what has been happening recently? Quite a lot so here are some highlights.

I spent over 6 weeks in hospital recently. I now have a pacemaker fitted and use a wheelchair, which I have already managed to crash! On this note my retirement from active business has been publicised on this site extensively. I am delighted to announce that I am successfully winding up all of my business interests with the exception of The Weekly Deals Free Sheet. I am keeping this on to prevent me getting too bored.

I have managed to give up smoking and on one occasion managed to break a car manufacturers configuration engine. It would only show £###,### instead of a price of over £100,000!

On the whole retirement is going well. In addition to this last month (March 2018) I achieved 16.679 visitors to this website. I am very pleased with these results. Weekly Deals still gets excellent readership

This is a short update and a further update with more exciting news should be available in the next 4-6 weeks.