One Week In a Wheelchair Report

Some readers will be aware of some major health issues that I have encountered recently that have rendered me to a wheelchair. Well it has been fun! I must work on my upper body strength!

Two issues have come up however. One is that the local cash machines are a little to high for me to use 🙁 Not the most massive biggie as my local pub accept debit cards and I can get up to £50 cashback at a time from my two local supermarkets.:)

The next issue is roads and pavements. Let us deal with roads first. I have nearly been run over 3 times in 24 hours while crossing roads in my wheelchair. In one case I saw the drivers face and he didn’t look old enough to hold a drivers licence. I suspect he was on drugs too. The next 2 incidents involve BMW’s. No I am not surprised. Both didn’t bother to indicate and clearly were not concentrating on driving. Hell one was on the telephone and not the hands free variety either!

Lets move on to pavements. In Stoneleigh, Surrey there is a real issue with uneven and damaged pavements especially on the broadway. I nearly seriously damaged my wheelchair on one section. This leads me to a few conclusions:

The staff at Surrey County Council or their contractors who put the pavements in were told not to use a spirit level on this project or were never taught to use one in the first place!

Surrey County Council have simply forgotten to visit and check the pavements and therefore arrange for maintenance to be carried out. Whoever put put a manhole cover on the middle of a  drop kerb seriously needs their head testing! Maybe they ignore this end of the county. I am not the only one who has a similar opinion on this.

I personally am not sure that the increase in my council tax this year will go on fixing this problem.

The state of the pavements lead me to almost say that in my opinion they are dangerous. Stoneleigh Broadway is a essential route for me for daily living. One thing is for sure if I have any more issues with pavements locally I may have to pay more attention to adverts on daytime telly for “Wheres blame there i a claim” solicitors with a view to engaging their services!