So according to this article the Amazon AWS S3 platform is having some problems. Some of the largest websites in the world have been affected by an outage. Amazon is saying it is an increase in error rates as opposed to an outage. Some sites and services are missing data, some are offline and some are running slower than I can walk 🙁

This is not a good thing for businesses who need to have control over their web services. Disaster recovery and business continuity seem to be non existent. This is a fail. When I was designing parts of networks and systems we would always factor in disaster recovery. AWS looks good but it can also rack up to be very very expensive indeed.

What is even more worrying is that Amazon AWS S3 is seen as being too big to fail, therefore my business won’t have any problems because it is with Amazon. This episode shows that Amazon along with anything or anyone is not too big to fail. No one thing, person, business or infrastructure is not immune to failure. Simple.

This is one of the biggest IT failures I have ever seen and I have seen more than a few in my time in the technology industry. Some small but I have also seen some spectacular failures.  IT outages and system failures happen every hour of every day of every week of every year. IT specialists are trained to handle and repair these or even prevent these outages from happening by carrying out preventative maintenance. These things happen and should be prevented where possible.

Amazon will surely take quite a hit on this. I can imagine certain CTO’s are sitting at their desks now and reviewing their relationships with Amazon and other similar providers to ensure they don’t get hit by something like this either again if they have been hot this time or for that matter anytime in the future.

One thing is for sure this story will not go away for a while and its impact will be felt in very varying degrees by so many including users who will be unhappy about being unable to access essential web sites and apps. Amazon clearly need to look at a redesign or upgrade.

I would also like to assure Virtual Office users that they are unaffected by this as I do not use AWS preferring my trusty HP Servers and infrastructure.

Virtual Office – Update and Pricing

My Virtual Office product has now been live for just over 6 months and has attracted some wonderful new customers who are all very happy with the service they are receiving. Virtual Office puts your business into the browser with access available from any device.


Aged Debt Rates March 2017

Aged Debt Rates – March 2017. From 01/03/2017. Interest on all aged debts that are non-government debt handled by The P2 Set Limited, will accrue interest at Bank Of England base rate + 16.9%. All government debt will accrue interest at 28.9%. All debt collection is handled by The P2 Set Limited on my behalf.

Oh Well. That’s London Screwed Then…

So the “lovely” Cressida Dick has been appointed as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. I am not happy about this. The Metropolitan Police have in my opinion been bereft of decent and proper leadership for a long time and this has filtered down to what in my opinion is a shambolic police force from top to bottom. I have had first hand experience of police ineptitude, poor attitude and as for inappropriate police behaviour and wasting police time within their own ranks, well.. If you want evidence of this, just look at the group of officers that decide to stop off at coffee shops whilst on duty in South West London. I have more available. This appointment does change this in my view.

It is those of us that live and work in London that get the bum deal here. We do not have a protection agency that can do their job properly. In my opinion a large number of police officers do not deserve to wear the badges that they do. This is a bad thing for Londoners. However things get worse. You see this appointment is made by government ministers. I know what this tells me, I wonder what it tells other readers of these pages..

I haven’t even touched on Cressida’s controversy over the incident nearly 12 years ago at Stockwell Tube Station and to be fair this is a part of the problem but it does show weaknesses and a lack of ability in correct leadership in my opinion.

Simply the Police in London do not appear to do their job properly and rely on goodwill and sympathy from certain quarters, whilst really seeming to take pleasure in letting down those taxpayers, who provide the not inconsiderable budget for them to operate and pay their wages.

In my view what this means for London strategically really remains to be seen, but I do think that things do not bode well with this appointment.

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