Consultancy Requirements October 2016

I am currently expanding my network of trusted consultants. I am looking for consultants on a freelance basis that have at least 5 years business experience in the following areas: Project Management Project Planning Risk Start Up Advisory Diversification Business Coaching Marketing Operational Strategy Mergers and Acquisitions Business Health Check Corporate Planning Interim Management CRM Business Integration Change Management Business Planning Sales Development Strategy Social Marketing Projects come on to my books on a daily basis. All consultants must be freelancers with at least 5 years freelance consultancy experience coupled with a minimum of 10 years experience in their chosen discipline. A good degree is also essential. All applicants must be EU nationals. References will be required. Please use the form below to contact me. [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]

Special Offers – Autumn Winter 2016

I have the following Special Offers For Autumn/Winter 2016.

Free Breakfast!

Simply invite me to visit you early one morning to investigate how  your business and I can work together and I will bring a good quality breakfast along for us to share. Completely free and with no obligation!

Free Valuations

I offer a free telephone based no obligation valuation service. To take  advantage of this offer simply me on the

number below!

Commercial Property and  Land Offers

1.0%  commission only on all new instructions placed between now and 31 December 2016.

Business Sales

2 % fees on all new instructions placed between now and 31 December 2016.

Consultancy Services

6% discount on all engagements  over  30 hours if booked before 31 December 2016.

Advertising Offers

Free advertising is available in all editions of The P2 List until 31 December 2016. Please contact me for information on availability. 1 Main magazine and 6 special editions will be published between now and 31 December 2016.

Franchise Maps

Are you considering setting up a dealer  or franchise network, if so get certain franchise maps free, when you engage me before 30/08/2016.

Cloud Solutions

Pydio based solutions from £50 setup fee and £0.09 per user for the first 6 months. Terms and Conditions apply.

Please call for more info.



Advertising Rate Card


In my quest be the number one site for good quality business opportunities, I am now offering an advertising only service at

Here on my website (

You can advertise your business here for only £7.95 per month, per advert in blogvertorial format. We have some special offers available please  see our special offers for more information.


What can be advertised:

  • Businesses For Sale
  • Businesses Wanted
  • Business Opportunities
  • Internet Businesses
  • SEIS
  • Non UK Businesses
  • Property
  • Joint Ventures
  • Intellectual Property
  • Dealerships
  • Resale Opportunities
  • Management Buy In Opportunities
  • Non Technology Businesses
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Business to business services



You can advertise in my regular  email newsletter. The fee  per insertion is £4.95.



The Magazines

My magazine  brand “The P2 List” carries advertising. The prices are as follows:

  • Blogvertorial £19.95 per issue.
  • 1/8 page £14.95
  • 1/4 page £23.95
  • 1/2 page £39.95
  • Full page £59.95
  • The fee for a featured listing is £9.95


Forthcoming Issues

  • The Wanted List, London Special, Property
  • Special,
  • Northern England Powerhouse Special
  • Ireland Special
  • Christmas/New Year full P2 List


For advertising examples and previous issues, please contact me.



The email newsletter has a subscription base of 1400 and grows by 3% per quarter.

The magazines are available for download on the website and in other places. They are emailed to 1600 addresses per issue and get at least 3000 reads. currently gets over 4000 page views per month.

I have more statistics available to share.


Are you a content writer? If so, please read on

Content Writers Wanted

I publish The P2 List magazine on a regular basis. The magazine caters for small business owners and those looking for small business opportunities and those providing them. The P2 List gets over 3000 reads per issue on average. Our Christmas and New Year edition is our biggest and brightest with over 500 business opportunities available and is packed with lots of other content too. Are you a content writer? Do you write content suitable for small business owners? Is your content Europe centric? If so, would you like to write an article or submit an article for inclusion in The P2 List? If the answer to any of this is yes, then please do use the form below to contact me. I will be delighted to hear from you and will contact you within 24 hours to discuss things further. You can download a copy of the July 2012 issue here: [Download not found] [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]    

The Most Dangerous Bank

Deutsche Bank has been heavily in the headlines in the past 24 hours or so as many figures in the City and far beyond are worried about its financial health. Some say the bank will have to call on German State-aid. Some say they will have to have a fire sale of assets. Deutsche as I have found myself have had some weird ways of doing things and some in the know, that I know say they still do. The way they get rid of people for example is the stuff of folklore and legend, especially, so they tell me in the London offices. However it is this one headline that caught my eye especially. “You Can’t Compare Deutsche Bank To Lehman” Actually, you can and you cannot. This worse than Lehman, far worse baecuse it means that if Deutsche goes down then the very big lessons from Lehman have not been learned by anyone. Remember Lehman were too big to fail. The position as Deutsche bank looks terrible, I think it is. Some commentators say they can pull out if it. I think its passed that point now and we shall have to see what happens. It is sad that yet another large prganisation and its people have taken the “we are too big to fail approach”. This is sad, becuase it means no one has learnt ffrom the last financial crisis. This is the most worrying point here. Individuals have not learned the lessons and broought those into the corporate culture. Whatever happens the run up to christmas will be a very intersting one for thoose who are observing Deutsche Bank. I do wonder how long it will take though for their intternal marketing spin doctors to blame this on ubiquitous “Brexit”!

P2 Update

Please note that I have taken over the following services on my own account from The P2 Set Limited.

  • Brokerage
  • Consultancy
  • Publications – The P2 List and Market comment.
  • Advertising – A new rate card will be available shortly.

Everything else at The P2 Set is business as usual including outsourced functions.

The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs

The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs is a documentary series on the BBC in England. In the programme a doctor Called Chris Van Tulleken takes over a part of a doctors surgery in Chingford, North East London and offers drug free medical treatment. I found him and his first episode a little scary. In this episode he prescribed a James Bond DVD instead of antibiotics! for the love of Mary! I am disabled I suffer from severe osteo arthritis, menieres disease and a few other things, his methods will never work for me and thats a fact! I tuned in to the second episode with an open mind. I was shocked by the way the goaded a young woman with depression on a Skype chat with psycho clap trap. This got me angry. The way he then attempted to counsel a woman who suffers from chronic pain and his quite frankly belittling and patronising attitude in both episodes finally got my rage. He in my opinion wasn’t bordering on dangerous he was openly dangerous. Chris Van Tulleken says he is a doctor and a scientist. Who ever employs Chris should really consider Chris’ P45. I would also consider sending the chaps in white coats round to visit him. Mr Chris Van tulleken you are dangerous individual. Let us now move onto the doctors surgery in Chingford. Let us be clear here. Allowing Chris into your surgery with his dangerous ideas were neither your best decision nor your finest hour. I hope that in time that you rebuild the patient trust that you must have lost by agreeing to invite Chris into your professional environment. Let us lastly turn to the BBC. You can the most popular car show by over castigating a presenter who punched someone. You then show this dangerous clap trap, you clearly only want to annoy TV licence payers. On that note can you refund me my licence fee please as you have clearly shown me that you cannot be trusted to spend my hard earned money responsibly by broadcasting bollocks like this.

Weekly Update 22 September 2016

I am going to experiment with weekly blog updates for a few weeks.

Work News

Many of you will know I was at Autumn Fair at the other week and I thought that it was a more subdued event than usual, certainly I shall expect a more concerted buzz at Spring Fair 2017. I hhad to cut short a visit to Ireland following the fair on health grounds which is a pity, this however will be rescheduled. I released the October edition of The P2 List yesterday. I have taken on some new deals here and have just been instructed on a budget hotel for sale. I have also been approached by a pub company to work with them on freehold and leasehold sites. Lastly on work news I have had a very interestiing conversation with an Austrailian food franchise that is considering the UK. I will start work on the Christmas and New Year edition of The P2 List shortly.

Personal News

On personal notes, I am getting really sick of The hype surrounding The Great Britsh Bake Off and I am hating my new medication 🙁 A brief podcast recorded by me earlier today is attached to this post.

Site News

The Projects page has been updated as has the Links page.


Here are some Downloads you may be interested in: Tips for buying lifestyle business: [Download not found] P2 List Property Special: [Download not found] P2 List Surrey Special: [Download not found] The Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants and Nightclubs edition: [Download not found] The Wanted List: [Download not found] The London Special edition: [Download not found]  

The P2 List October 2016 Issue

I am pleased to announce that the October 2016 issue of The P2 List magazine is now available. The P2 List is a magazine that features confidential and non-confidential business opprtunities, property opportunities and much more combined with relevant features and articles. In this issue are 400 opportunities. We feature businesses for sale, business opportunities, franchises, investment properties, pubs, hotels and restuarants. In a change to previous issues, we are trying an experiment with this issue where in addition to our newsletter subsbribers we are only sending this issue to people who fill out the form below to receive a copy. [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]