Court Guinness – August 2016 Update

August is usually a quiet month, but I have to say this August has definitely been my quietest August  in my 21 years in trade and industry. It has left me some short time for rest and recuperation, which these days I need quite a lot of. This is mostly down to business being very quiet generally in view of Brexit.

So what’s been happening?

I have taken a few new things on and dumped some rubbish by the wayside. I have good availability for consulting and new deals from 24 September onwards.

I urgently require lifestyle businesses to sell nationwide.

Project Retail 2018 are looking for new products and I have some exciting other stuff on my desk.

I am looking forward to producing the October edition of The P2 List, this should be a nice bumper issue and will be published on 15th September 2016. Copy and advertising deadlines are looming large.

The usual health complaints are there but so what. Arthritis in both legs get worse all the time. I cannot do anything about it but live with it and try and work around it.

I shall be on the road all of the week commencing 5 September, starting with my annual pilgrimage to the Autumn Fair at the NEC Birmingham and following that with a trip to Dublin for the Franchise Expo. I will be travelling South West to the counties of Tipperary, Limerick and Kerry for 4 meetings in one day and then travelling back to London via a stop for more meetings in Dublin. Hopefully I will not have the traffic issues I faced on the last trip! I still have some space for 1-2-1 meetings in Dublin.

This will be the first major run on business trips since most health issues kicked in so it will be interesting to see how well or how badly things go. I think that getting the worst of the business out of the way first in the form of two days at the NEC is the best thing! I like a good trade event and for an event such as Autumn Fair the NEC is the best place to hold it, but roger me backwards with a steam roller, the place is soulless and not much fun!

So that’s it for August

Best regards


Property Deals – Late August 2016

Please see below for one of the  widest selections of property and property related deals from my office. These deals are all live and ready to go. For further information, please contact me. I have prospectuses and financials on my desk where applicable. Please see below or hit read more to view the full list.


Project Retail 2018 – Call for products

I am a member of the advisory board for “Project Retail 2018. A unique and forward thinking multi0channel  retail proposition due to be launched late next year. We are currently looking for  new products to take to market. We have a target of 5,000 product lines. If you would like to have your products stocked by us then please contact me in confidence with some details about your products and I shall be delighted to have a discussion with you and share our latest presentation.

Property Wanted!

I require a one bed flat from September 2016, owing to the fact that my London landlord is liqidating their portfolio. Locations required: North Surrey, South West London, East Berkshire, South Bucks, South Hertfordshire a possibility. Max 60 mins to London Termini door to door, please contact me if you have anything suitable. NB: If the flat is above first floor level, it will need to be serviced by a lift!

Sage Data Security Breach

So Sage the famed accountancy and payroll software company have had a data breach involving up to 280 of its clients. So whats so wrong about this. The big thing here is that it appeaars to be caused by an incorrectly secured user account internal to Sage. This is horrific in this day and age. Sage are a worldwide firm, even if there software is a bit marmite. So could they get a simple basic such as securing an internal login account so wrong? I am horrified by this and if I were an employee of one of the 280 clients have had their data leaked I can assure you I would be at their HQ first thing demanding hard answers to very difficult questions. A complex attack is one thing but seems to be so basic to be true. I personally have a love-hate relationship with Sage going back to the very early days of my IT career, when I was supporting and developing against Sage Products, there were good days and days where things were truly awful. In spite of this I really expected better from Sage. This however is a new low and something that could have so easily been prevented. I do hope the ICO come down on them like a ton of bricks.

So what is #FindCourt all about then?

Hashtag #FindCourt is a little game I have been playing recently on social media for a little bit of fun. What happens is this. I take slightly obscure photograph when I am out and about and my followers if they want to play have to guess the correct location and reply onsocial media with the hashtag #FoundCourt. The winner is the one that gets it right. I started this game a week ago and I have not had a winner yet! I am not giving away prizes yet but this may change 🙂 Please feel free to play along if you want to on Facebook and Twitter. Please note the aim of the game is purely to have a laugh and a giggle!

More businesses required

In the past few weeks, my office,  The P2 Set have had a larger than usual number of enquiries from people looking to acquire businesses. Budgets vary from £20,000 to £2,000,000.

Businesses are sought in all parts of the European Union.

If you are considering selling your business or are looking for inward investment please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are currently offering very attractive commissions. Our buyers in the main are fully funded with no recourse to external finance and can complete very quickly.

We also require commercial property throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Please fill in the form below if you require further information.

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