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The P2 List is a monthly magazine published by office, The P2 Set Limited for the small business owner, investor and buyer.

We have been asked by some people for a sneak preview of our new magazine so here it is!


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The July issue will feature over 250 business opportunities worth over £300 million and  over 20 pages of exciting content for the small business, owner, investor and buyer. Our readership base is growing steadily. Our July edition features 100 improvements over the June 2016 edition. Please use the form below to contact us for more samples.

You can download the June 2016 edition here The P2 List June 2016

There will also be a “Brexit” Special Market comment.


We still have advertising spaces available in the July edition of The P2 List. A magazine for the small business owner, investor and buyer.

The deadline for advertising has been extended to 18:00 on the 21st of June 2016.

We have the following available:

4 x Featured Advert Slots
3X Quarter page slots.
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Up to 5 Full page advert slots

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Our new magazine “The P2 List” carries advertising. Our prices are as follows:

Blogvertorial £19.95 per issue.
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Full page £59.95

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What are Microsoft Playing At?

Most readers of this blog will be only too well aware that Microsoft have just acquired LinkedIn for a staggering $26 Billion or thereabouts. This was announced yesterday. Since then I have had a number of chats with business associates, clients and friends about this very topic. Three things come to light:

  1. Microsoft are not good at managing web properties and have a poor record in this.
  2. Microsoft have a very troubled acquisition history in general. Nokia is an excellent example.
  3. There does not seem to be a “fit” between LinkedIn and Microsoft. The only strategic fit I could find would be to bundle Microsoft products into LinkedIn subscriptions in order to claw back market share. Even then I am not too sure about this strategy.

Shares in both companies rose substantially around announcement time. I have always felt that LinkedIn are a heavily over valued stock. They have had to implement technical solutions to force people into paid subscriptions in the past 2 years. Certainly for me this has been highly annoying. I will say that some of these solutions are very, very clever. LinkedIn has become a social network for work in my opinion. By this I mean that is has become acceptable to read and interact with sometimes questionable content whilst at work. For what its worth I also believe that Facebook is heavily over valued too. I have always found Microsoft to be a strange company internally. I spent 6 months on a contract there back in the days before LinkedIn and Facebook even existed. Confidentially agreements prevent me from sharing any stories but I could never really work out the politics, the processes, the people or the business model. It was a very strange time indeed. I have to say that the whole experience left me hating with a passion the part of Reading UK, known as Thames Valley Park, where Microsoft’s UK HQ are situated. So what will happen next? Will this flat line in the same way that the strategy behind acquiring Nokia did? Lets face it not a lot of good came out of that one as is evidenced in the media. Is there a next big thing in the pipeline? Will I get offered a free Office365 subscription if I sign to LinkedIn Premium? (To be fair this might be the only reason I but LinkedIn Premium ever again!) One thing is for sure. The plot does thicken! I Hope you are all well Until next time Best regards Court

Happy 4th Birthday to this blog!

Yes it is four years since I set up this website. At the start it was exercise in helping me to write better copy but over time it has expanded a lot and I have actually come to enjoy writing blogs. In all I have now written over 200 blogs! Here is a selection of the most read content on this blog: The ones that got away. Sealine going into administration Annual Awards 2013 Hate Parade Introducing Swissy Crap Hospitals What happened in 2015? You can view all of my 200 + blogs here.   This blog has been read by thousand of unique visitors in the last four years and has picked up three stalkers. Yep three of them now. I would like to thank all of the visitors to this site for reading this blog. The site will be continuing and I have no plans to give up blogging. Here’s to the next four years – Cheers!

Well I missed a big trick there then!

Since 2011 my CMS (Content Management Solution) weapon of choice has been WordPress. It has developed well in to the mature CMS it is today that is loved by both myself and many, many others. At one point I had more than 40 instances of WordPress on the go. Today there are only eight. At least once a month with WordPress there is some head scratching to do around updates. Sometimes this could last 5-6 hours with so many sites. This is to with “what updates do I deploy on this site, without breaking it!”. This is especially true if BuddyPress is involved – I have learned the hard way! The problem with wordpress is you need to keep it up to date to keep hackers away. A few months ago I stumbled across infinitewp. Oh how I wish I got to this tool, many, many moons ago! I installed this on my server in test mode as soon as I found it and very swiftly moved it into production. I loaded up all my sites and attached them via the plugin which needs to be installed on every instance. Lo and behold, I now have a helicopter view of what needs to be done with each site and I can remotely install updates! Brilliant The upshot now is that I just check the console for updates every morning, make decisions on which updates need to go where and hey presto my sites will be updated. For those of you managing large WordPress estates, this tool is a serious game changer. I have gone from 6+ hours a month of head scratching along with daily checks to 10-15 minutes a day of effort tops. The tool is definitely sound and server load is very low. However developed this tool really does deserve a huge pat on the back.I for one will buy them a beer if I get the chance to meet them.    

Beer and Business Deals Event

The last time I held this event was in 2014 and it was very successful indeed. The aim of the game is to bring along at least one deal that you have on the table and network with others to get a good deal achieved in an informal pastoral setting over a beer or two and some nibbles. Entry to the event is free and is invitation only. To request an invitation please use the form below. Rules:

  • NO MLM

The event will be held at a venue in South West London on the 7th of July from 18:30 to 22:00. [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]

OK St Georges Hospital – Its High Noon Now!

What on God’s Earth are you playing at? I thought you were getting better after the 2013 debacle and had learned your lessons. Obviously not. I thought you were not on a par with Kingston Hospital for fraud and Professional misconduct. Obviously not.

The other week you even had someone cleaning and doing a good job of it. Or was this marketing bluster designed to disguise professional shortcomings.

Your ENT Department can be considered a shambles. I have had the displeasure of dealing with them recently. Your David Selvadurai was deeply unpleasant individual who does not let people speak or answer direct questions and is more interested in private work, public speaking and drawing posters according to his website. Next I am sent to see Raouf Chobbaci who is not a specialist on any issues I have but a paediatric specialist in cleft palate! What the holy fuck! You cannot make this up. I am also amazed that this gentleman can concurrently work at so many hospitals and practices across such a wide geographic area.

Next we have Edward Mccrondell. I was fortunate to see a note left on your system from him about me today. I will not disclose this note here however it was deeply abusive and insulting. Who does this dickhead think he is? I expect a proper apology from this individual. Another example of St Georges Hospital employing an incapable individual. In fact let us go further the three gentlemen mentioned above really need their P45’s issuing. If they worked for me they would have been fired a long, long time ago.

On the subject of ENT. How do you manage to keep people waiting for so long without any communication. I saw a service delivery manager on Saturday or that’s what his badge said he was? He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Sorry a Service Delivery Manager should be properly dressed. What service delivery was he managing? I could not see a service being delivered.

The other week I had to call you out on this very blog about data security. In view of the above I have decided to name and shame this doctor in the Orthopaedic department.  It is Doug Matthews. You can find more information on Doug’s misconduct elsewhere on this blog.

Really, St Georges, what are you playing at? Why do you insist on making so many mistakes?

How do people have any faith in you? What is your problem?

Note to readers just put St Georges into the search facility to see how many times I have had to call out this hospital on this blog.

It is real pity that you have decided to slump back to your old lows in of professionalism or should I say professional misconduct. It is a shame for the residents of south West London as there is no longer a professional hospital left in that sector. The nearest professional outfit is on the Fulham Road or over at Waterloo. Maybe that is what you want for your hospital?

I suggest you change your slogan to “St Georges Hospital  – Putting lives at risk” . Remember I have direct evidence of you doing this!




What’s up in them there clouds then Simba?

A confusing title but this blog does have something to do with clouds, of the technology kind, that is.

A conversation regarding public versus private cloud was had between me and a mate yesterday. You read public cloud, I read data all over the place on Dropbox, OneDrive, Hotmail and other free or freemium apps. I read private cloud you read this sort of stuff but for massive companies. I don’t. I don’t need to. I run my own private cloud. There is no Sharepoint, no SAP, no Salesforce or any other web based MegaCorp tools in my cloud for that matter.

What there is however is a lean, mean, fighting machine of software and tools. These are all free to use and you can purchase enterprise versions as well. I can access anything I need to do any business I need anywhere on God’s earth and all of my information is accessible and secure.

So how we achieve this and what tools do I use?

For a start there are a nice little bundle of HTML and PHP scripts that tie quite a few things together for me. They have a variety of functions and the php scripts provide some monitoring, security and a few handy little tools such as my little travel booking engine. But this is only the start.

For CRM. I have used Vtiger, Sugar and SuiteCRM, the last one of these is the best incarnation of the same product so far in my opinion. However it is no longer suitable for my business. So everything is now rolled into a GroupWare product.

GroupWare I here you say? The first thought into the heads of my techie friends is likely to be “Lotus Ruddy Notes!” ( Some might replace ruddy with a word begginignwith the letter F). Err No. In terms of web based PHP software this sector had in my opinion a ruddy terrible time of it. I have been testing EGroupWare on and off for a few years and I now believe with the latest version, that they have got it right. Oh and the CRM suits my business nicely.

Project Management. Quite simply DotProject rules the roost! It has some way to go to match its senior peers of Microsoft Project and Primavera but boy can this product punch well above its weight.

File and document sharing. Now this is the hot one of the moment. Owncloud used to be amazing, I used to love this tool for document and File Sharing oh and giving me access to ebooks, music and movies from home, whilst on the move. It used to eat Dropbox for breakfast. Unfortunately it has now become too bloated. I cannot really recommend this any longer, it can also knock other applications out by virtue of the PHP settings it needs. But there is a new kid on the block in the form of Pydio, this is where Owncloud should be, especially in terms of speed.

Front Accounting is showing the way in terms of a rock solid, private, cloud based accountancy package. Even with my love hate relationship off accounting, this is a nifty tool. No XERO or other such tools here.

A number of other tools add to the mix above such as paste, my own private pastebin website, PhpList for managing mailshots, RoundCube for email. SeoPanel for search engine analysis. Tiny RSS is an excellent RSS feed parser. I also have a podcast tool for producing my Podcasts. There are few other things in there as well which make up the rest.

As for websites. I need a damn good reason now to use anything but WordPress. It has simply become the best website management tool on earth in my opinion.

SO there we have it, this what is up there in my private cloud, Simba! And a bloody good stack of tools it is too!