The joys of commuting

Let’s get a few straight about commuting correctly shall we. Firstly it’s not difficult. All you have to do is walk in a straight line and watch out for others around you. You cannot commute correctly and use Facebook or twitter at the same time or more worryingly watch telly on you iPad mini and walk down the street.Please learn how to behave correctly.

A classic I saw yesterday was some airhead blonde from the typing pool using a laptop to respond to some inane email from Jenkins in accounts whilst walking through Clapham Junction Station. Listen love it wasn’t fucking important. You dye your hair trolley dolly blonde and paint your skin orange. You were not wearing a skirt, but some adaptation of a belt, badly imitating a skirt instead. You don’t have the fucking intelligence to have an important job! The email you were trying to write was not important. You don’t need to use a laptop and try and walk and I am surprised you managed more than 3 steps in those heels.

Let’s move on to another classic on Monday morning. The class of kids who come from a school that sport a maroon and grey uniform who were being unruly and who were not able to traverse Victoria station correctly at 08:45 on Monday morning. What is more worrying is that your teachers were dressed in jeans and one was wearing trainers. The head teacher clearly needs a talking to. Hardly a demonstration of leadership or control- as for teaching little ones to learn and understand – don’t get me started! I would love to find out which school this is. If they have a good or better OFSTED rating it will add to the personal suspicion I hold that OFSTED inspectors take bribes.

Commuting correctly isn’t difficult you just have to watch where you are going and keep a look out for what is going on around you and act accordingly. Its common sense!

So whats going on

While on a brief trip to the supermarket a few hours ago I took a call from a former business associate who I have not spoken to for a good few years. He informed me that he was sorry to hear that my business was in trouble. I asked him how he worked that out. He explained that he had seen that I was collapsing and selling off some brands and interests. What an idiot! Lets be clear my business is in good health. Running a number of brands takes an awful lot of time and I only have a certain number of hours in the week available to me. I have a number of business interests here that have ramped up over the past 12 months and are doing rather nicely as well. Brands get tired and take effort to keep on track. By trying to create a timeless piece and cut out a workload is common sense. It also creates a manageable entity with less parts that can go wrong and eat up more time. Personally speaking there are other people and things demanding of more of my time and my health is not the greatest at the moment. I have hived off my IT industry activities into Wimbledon Systems and left it to its own management as I no longer wish to be a part of the industry. I only want to take profit 🙂 I am still here and there is always time to discuss and do deals. If you hear any rumours that my business is going down the pan, please kindly ignore them as they are probably started by an unknowing idiot 🙂 The P2 Set is here to stay. Look out for changes and developments in the coming months 🙂

Towards One Office

For many years my business interests have comprised of a number of small brands. Recently I have been divesting of many of these. Why? Well the answer is simple. I am not getting any younger and certain changes both commercial and personal around the place mean I have less time on my hands. So it is time to leave certain things behind and merge other interests into the umbrella of my private office. I look forward to being able to share more with you all soon.