Letter to Lizzie

Some readers will be well aware that I took a serious fall the other day and ended up in hospital. Many will not be aware of the actual circumstances of the fall. I was walking across a busy road in London, talking on the mobile when two diplomatic police motorcycle outriders appeared from nowhere and I fell getting out of their way. Yes I know some of this was my fault! However the “diplomatic” vehicle that was following was none other than this one. Carrying none other than the Queen herself. She was on her way to Battersea Dogs Home. 2002_Bentley_State_LimousineNow I like a good laugh so me and the lads decided to crib together a letter regarding this is time honoured comedic fashion. So here goes. HM Queen Buckingham Palace, Dear Lizzie, Just a quick note to say than you to you and you police flunkies for putting me in hospital the other day near Victoria Station when I had to dodge out of the way of police motorcycles accompanying your limo. I gather you were visiting Battersea Dogs Home. I hope your visit to Fergie and Camilla was a pleasant one! Like you I support british business so I am handing the compo claim over to Claims Direct which you will agree are a fine upstanding british firm. They will be in touch soon and I believe The Daily Sport want an interview. Hope that helps Love and kissees 🙂

Yet another commuting rant

Some of you may know that I took a fall the other day and I am now back on crutches. 🙁 Today was my first day travelling into London at rush hour on crutches. What a pain. But a few people need to be singled out here. To the bloke who gave me a seat at Wimbledon. Thank You. To the two bints who would not stop gassing and let me off the train at Clapham Junction. What a pair of airheads you really are. Now lets start on Victoria Station. To the silly bint who ran into me while running and trying to do her fucking make up. Wake up earlier prepare properly and watch what you are fucking doing! Commuting is getting worse in the UK but please guys taker care and commute responsibly and properly. Its not that difficult.  

Jobs available

One of my business interests HM Operations is looking for a junior researcher/account handler to work accross two divisions, Anona Home and HMA International. The full job can be found here. HMA are also looking for a work experience student/intern for 3 weeks in April 2015. For more information please contact me. Both positions are based in Central London.

LinkedIn – Grrrrr :(

So I have been using LinkedIn quite a bit recently in aid of some research I am doing for a very important project that The Investment Network has on its books at the moment. I was disappointed to learn earlier that LinkedIn thinks I have breached limits on commercial usage and that I am either prospecting or using LinkedIn for recruiting purposes. I am actually doing neither. Talking to other people and doing some reasearch it actually seems that linkedin are desperate for people to pay to use it. In the UK this can be anywhere from £20 – £80 per month. LinkedIn will not publish their limits.Various sources say its between 40 and 60 per month.

This means that people like me cannot plan their work or their usage of this relevant tool for research or any other purposes. Indeed I missed an enquiry from a group post because I hit this limit. This could have been worth £7k in turnover.

I know that any business wants income but I do feel LinkedIn are pushing the envelope here. If they push it too far it is im my opinion possible that LinkedIn days could be numbered. After all there are a number of talented software developers out there that have the ability and tennacity if maybe not the available time to craft a competitor tool.



Sir Michael’s Pontifications

Sir Michael Wilshaw regularly pontificates on the subject of Education and standards and so he should as he is the head of Ofsted. However he does appear to be marking his own homework just a little. In very recent dealings regarding a school which his own organisation rates as “requiring improvement” I have met with a barrage of call centre type workers who when you try and talk to them on the telephone have little or no interest in education or the pupils they are trying to assist in educating. Trying to get action from these over defensive service shy and presumably delivery shy yokels is an absolute pain. Sir Michael may well have been a crack hot headteacher but he clearly is not in control of an organisation that should be inspecting schools, in fact they are preventing going out and inspecting schools. I used to fix computers for a living that means actually fixing a broken machine – not inventing excuses on the fly as to why I cannot do it. This means that Sir Michael needs to get a grip on his organisation, stop pontificating in the media and actually inspect schools. I have direct evidence that Auriol school in Surrey is directly failing pupils and failing to teach them correctly, especially with regards to mathematics. Ofsted rated this school as requiring improvement. In fact in 2013 this school had two inspections within 8 weeks of each other! This school is one of the worst I have come across and as the father of an 8 year old daughter who unfortunately attends this school ( my ex-wifes decision unfortunately ) I do have quite an interest in education and read and research regularly on the topic. This school requires special measures or closing down urgently, but do Ofsted staff want to do it? No. Ofsted say they are based in Manchester. They could drive to this school in under 3 hours and sort it out and still be home in time to watch a midweek game of footy on the telly. Come on boys a long day at work doing something constructive is really not that difficult! As for Sir Michael, he has got get off the media channels and pay more attention to what goes on at the factory. If he can’t shape up his organisation then he should ship out and he should be fairly expeditious about it!