Important Notice To All Customers -Website Outages

All of our web hosting customers should please note that there will be small outages to all websites today (06/10/2013). The outages should last no more than 3 minutes per site.
Last week we found out about a number of changes that Google were making including wanting the princely sum of £150,000 for proper analytical data (keyword and location data) with immediate effect. Google also introduced other changes without telling us. If you use one of our partners for SEO you should contact that partner ASAP to discuss these changes with them.
This morning we implemented a new analytics and statistics platform and all our and sites we operate for clients sites are currently being updated. We will issue final reports from Google later. Many of you receive automated reports and these will resume with effect from Friday 10/10/13.
Wimbledon Systems apologises to all customers for any inconvenience caused. The circumstances are outside our control. We would also like to thank Google for forcing us to work on a Sunday to update over 100 websites.