Tablets: Apple Vs Android – Where do I sit?

Its becoming a routine thing these days. I will be in the pub having a pint and someone wants my opinion on which tablet to buy. Some people go so far as to insist on telling me that my opinion is wrong.

So where do I sit? In my view its a personal thing. I don’t like ioS. The apple operating system. I’m a techie and prefer Android. I also don’t like bulky kit. My stuff tends to travel with me. I try to travel light so therefore a 7 inch tablet is best for me. My view is that the choice between Apple and Android devices is a personal thing regardless of my view the best thing is to try the devices and make your own mind up. Some people swear by a large Ipad. For me it weighs too much! Check each device carefully and think about it before you make a decision. It has come to a point where there is no right or wrong answer only a personal choice that only you can make.

The only one thing I will now say to people is that if you buy an Apple device please, please please buy the biggest version in terms of storage you can afford as many of the good external storage solutions for Ipads are very very expensive, where as for an android device adding storage via MicroSd costs about £20!

Device selection is a personal thing and I think iits best kept that way!

System Center Orchestrator Developer Required

SystemNet Data urgently require a Microsoft System Center Orchestrator Developer for a short project in the North East of England. All applicant must have 6-12 months experience of Orchestrator 2012 and have the automatic right to work in the UK.

For more information please contact us.

All Hail Derek The Cabbie!

I have had numerous occasions to use black London Taxis over the past couple of weeks and I hasten to add spent quite a bit of money on them too. So why I am I praising them now? Firstly it is really customary in London to strike up a conversation with the cabbie they will always try and strike it up first. The good thing here is that mostly they share the same disparaging views as me about the Milliband Brothers and Ed Balls. (Why they were not shot at birth we will never know!) Secondly they can get their way out of a traffic jam like no ones business and if I had been paying more attention I might have gained more tips than I have. These guys know everywhere and every trick in the book. Believe me! Thirdly. when you politely mention as I have had to do often because things are very time sensitive that “I need to be there sooner than the soonest thing mate” they use this as a license to create merry hell on the streets of London with aplomb for your benefit and they like you know it! See my second point above. They enjoy every second and do it so it with a sense of good humour and showmanship that knows no bounds! Lastly. I have very quickly got onto first name terms with many of these drivers who do a difficult job. Nine times out of ten there is one similarity. Their name is Derek! I’m serious!. These guys do a fantastic job and have pulled so many stunts out of the bag for me in the past few weeks. Its raise for me to praise people on the pages so for all the “Derek the Cabbie’s” out there, a superbly well done from me! All hail Derek the Cabbie whoever you are!

Better Service Better Value Review

So the South London NHS group are holding review called BSBV about NHS services in the region and this includes St Georges Hospital in Tooting. I would like to add my voice via here as to what should happen to that hospital. In my opinion the best thing would be to bulldoze the entire site with all of the staff still in it and replace it with a number of nice homes to benefit the local community such as this:

Weekend Report

So I had a major operation on Friday night and I am now in the High Dependency Unit at St Georges Hospital in Tooting. I have been in pain ever since. At 1 am on Saturday morning Court talked to ICU and could not get a reasonable word out of them. He even had to explain to one doctor what a Post It Note is!. The most common phrases I hear in English from the staff usually very loudly are “I don’t know”, “its not my problem” or “it wasn’t me” and then that’s when they speak in English. When Court is here because he is restricted by visiting times he has to attempt to bully the staff into making me more comfortable, get me help and pain relief and help calm me down from my pain and stress levels. They even managed to cock up all my intravenous lines and leave me with a huge “bubble” in one arm. I can now only have pain relief orally. When I ask for painkillers the answer seems to be “morphine” now whats the question! (This post was ghost written by Court when I told him what to say when the staff were not looking. I do not have the energy to post myself right now.)      

The latest fuck up

I have not been allowed fluids since 11am this morning and the temperature has hit 32 degrees today and they forgot to give me any intravenous fluids. I finally went searching for an answer to why l hadn’t been taken down for my surgery at 5pm. Nobody at the nurses station could give me an answer until l saw one of my surgical team at the end of the corridor, l walked down to find out what was going on and was told that my surgery had been cancelled. The senior sister didn’t know l had been without fluids for 7 hours in this heat! I think St Georges are trying to get back in the papers for killing another patient due to dehydration! Keep going St Georges Hospital, you might make it a hat trick! PS: I had to call Court a number of times today to help me and he is so pissed off at the moment. Still he managed to make it halfway across London in a taxi in heavy traffic in under 25 mins! Expect his blog to be updated shortly. I’m still trying to find Derek the cabbies’ blog so I link to it and thank him for driving for so fast and finding short cuts we never knew existed 🙂

The lovely Eunice!!!!

Today is focused on a lady called Unis, a nurse of outstanding care and attention of her patients and the up most respect for her colleagues . . . NOT! She marches onto the ward with all the pomp and regalia of a peacock and barks orders and insults at the patients. She has delusion of grandeur and belittles her colleagues openly. This woman has no empathy whatsoever and as far as l’m concerned should never been issued a nursing license. She will tell us that we are disturbing her if we ask for anything and insists the student nurses do the jobs she feels are below her, even if they say they don’t know what they are doing. There is a patient here with three stomas and the bags need to be changed before eating or drinking anything in the morning. UNIS refuses to acknowledge the urgency of changing the stoma bags (as they are full of excrement and feels she is to good for that job!) and leaves it to the last job of the morning after getting people out of their beds and changing them, this leaves her very dry to the extent of fainting as she has lost a lot of fluid from her body over night due to the stoma.

Two nights ago, a nurse called VAL had to change my stoma bag, l should explain that a stoma bag is a bag that collects excrement from the bowel after a major operation, non of the night nurses like to change these bags and will do everything to avoid changing them. She left me waiting for 45 minutes before changing the bag at which time l was screaming in pain as it had already been changed 5 times that day and the skin around the stoma resembled raw meat! (Imagine pouring acid on your skin and you would be close to the pain l felt), after 15 minutes of me crying out in pain she decided to give me some morphine for the pain. Two hours later the bag leaked again but instead of changing it, she patched it up with tape and did the same again an hour later when it leaked again. The first time it leaked the nurse just put a sheet over my bed to cover the stain from the leak, the second time it leaked she ignored it and at 6am when the bag leaked beyond repair, she left me lying in it until the day shift started work and left it to them to change it! Last night VAL was working again but thank god l didn’t have any problems with my stoma leaking but that is probably due to her waking me up every 1-2 hours to remind me to empty the bag. However, in my ward is a little old lady called Margaret who is 82 years old. Margaret was uncomfortable in her bed and couldn’t sleep, so she rang for a nurse to help move her up her bed. A little while later she rang again as she was still uncomfortable but the nurse told her to settle down as she was disturbing the rest of us. On my 3 trip to the bathroom last night l noticed that Margaret was distressed and asked her what was wrong, she said she was uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep but the nurses wouldn’t help her, in fact they had taken her bell from her so she couldn’t disturbed the nurse anymore. I went to the nurses station to say Margaret needed help and was told that she was just restless because she couldn’t sleep and to ignore her! Once again l would like to point out that this lady is 82 years old, we are in the middle of a heat wave, she doesn’t have a fan and is starting to show the first signs of bed sores! St Georges, the “Couldn’t give a dam” hospital!