Its only snow!

Is it me or am I the only one dismayed by the poor level of service displayed by train companies during this snowy weather. Special timetables, trains not running, trains delayed, trains cancelled mid journey with no explanation and much more. This sort of thing dosen’t happen on mainland Europe. Its only snow get used to it and use it as an excuse to run a proper train service please! I now know why First Capital connect’s nickname is First Crapital Connect!

Press Release

Court Capital Partners are today delighted to announce the relaunch of part two of project TMBN. The Micro Business Network Version 2 is a place for small businesses, micro businesses, property developers, freelancers and independent consultants to network with people who want to work with them.

The Court Capital Partners team are proud of a very simple 2nd release and look forward to issuing further upgrades and new content on a regular basis.

Charging for the site is currently free.